Rainforest Grasshoppers

colorful grasshopper (Eumastax) from El Salvadore
Grasshopper - Family Eumastacidae

The fauna and flora of the rainforest seems to be brighter, prettier, and more colorful than anywhere else on Earth. And rainforest grasshoppers are no exception - like other rainforest animals, grasshoppers of the rainforest are often more brightly colored than those found elsewhere.

purple grasshopper on a banana leaf
Grasshopper - Unknown species

Maybe this is because there is no winter season in the rainforest, or perhaps it is because the animal and plant species is so diverse there compared to other locations.

The rainforests are home to many species of grasshoppers. Grasshoppers serve an important part of the rainforest ecosystem because they provide food to many carnivorous animals.

Like all grasshoppers, rainforest grasshoppers feed on vegetation. All grasshoppers are herbivores, meaning they eat only plants and do not eat other animals or insects.

Most, but not all, grasshoppers have wings and can fly.

Grasshoppers begin life as eggs, which the female grasshopper lays in the ground after mating.

After hatching, the small grasshoppers are called nymphs. Nymphs are smaller than adult grasshoppers and don't have wings, but otherwise look very similar to the adults. Nymphs often differ in color from the adults as well.

Grasshoppers grow by molting (shedding the exoskeleton) and after a series of molts eventually become adult grasshoppers.