Golden Lion Tamarins

two golden lion tamarins sitting on a log and eating

Golden lion tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia) are endangered, small primates of the Brazilian rainforest.

Less than 2000 golden lion tamarins remain in the wild with a few hundred more in zoos.

Golden lion tamarins spend most of their time in trees and are omnivores - they mainly eat insects, fruit, and small lizards.

Only a small portion of the tamarin's natural habitat remains and if the habitat destruction continues, eventually all of the tamarins will be gone.

Luckily, some zoos have been successful in breeding and raising tamarins in captivity.

Zoos are able to accomplish this by keeping the tamarin's habitat much the same as if the tamarin were in the wild.

Watch the following You Tube video to see a family of golden lion tamarins in captivity. You'll also find out what zoos do to keep the tamarins happy and you'll also learn some more information about these amazing animals.